Yes! Hello! I'm back! Its been a while, I know, but I finally can take pictures! I have a camera now and have already taken some pictures and recorded some stuff. You'll get a compilation of pictures tomorrow and maybe even a video. Not sure if that will go here yet. But I do have photos of some ships I caught in Algonac. Unfortunately though, other than a photo here and there of the icy lake St. Clair, there probably won't be much until April. That's just the nature of boat watching here. We don't have boats that run all year. But there should be enough fun things for now to sustain my audience for a few months, so if you are reading this, I thank you and hope you stick around. Sincerely, Stew


Hello! This is stew's ships. This will be a blog where I kinda post whatever I want about Great Lakes Shipping, shipping history, and shipwrecks. I am from the Lake St. Clair area, so if I decide to get a camera there will be pictures of the shipping and shipwrecks here, but I wouldn't expect that to happen any time soon. It probably won't be until sometime next year that happens, but stay tuned! Today's ship will be the Col. D. D. Gaillard. The Col. Gaillard was a dipper dredge built in 1916, and by the late 90s it was the last of its kind. It was donated to Superior WI historical society, and was to be a museum ship, tied up in a slip on Barker's Island, and become part of the S.S Meteor Maritime museum. However, by 2002, both funds and public interest dwindled , so it was sold to a company and moved to Duluth, for the top to be stripped off and for it to be turned into a barge.However, that plan never went through. As of 2020, its fate is unknown. The only person